Your chance to be part of an official fan video

Darren wants your input to create an official fan video piece for the album track 'Siren's Call' - the stunning final track on his brilliant new album 'Secret Codes and Battleships'.

As many of you know, this song seems to have struck a chord with audiences around the world and Darren wanted to recognise the special sentiment of the song by involving you,  in the creation of a fan generated lyric video with content supplied by YOU.

Send in your photos, video pieces, footage - anything you think fits in with the theme of the song which is about overcoming an ocean of fears and insecurities amidst a journey to happiness.  It could be literal (sirens, oceans and greek mythology) it could be abstract (colours, signs, symbols) it could be photos of loved ones long gone or far away.  If you want some inspiration - take a look at the painting by Artist J W Waterhouse which inspired Darren's lyrics. HERE

In Darren's own life, he felt that his happiness was often off in the distance and that his journey to it was always fraught with obstacles; mostly the fears and negative views we invent for ourselves that keep us from achieving our dreams.  In the song, Darren talks of these distractions as though they are sirens.  Perhaps this can serve as inspiration for your input.

We will compile the best submissions with animated lyrics and edit together something completely personal yet completely befitting the meaning of the song and your relationship to 'Secret Codes and Battleships'.

Please only send images and video that you have created or that you own to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We must please have your submission by the 8th January.

*Please read below preferred formats for submission:


Preferred formats are JPEG (.jpg) or RAW format.  Most other image formats will also be useable, including PSD, BMP, PDF, TIF and PNG.

Please send them with the highest resolution possible.  It's best not to convert or resize the photo files if you don't have to.  We can't use images with a resolution below 640x480 pixels.


The acceptable formats for video include MPEG4, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPG and 3GP.

Just like photos, video files are best sent without any conversion, if possible.  We would prefer the highest quality and resolution possible, so High Definition (HD) standards are great.  We won't be able to use any video with a resolution lower than 640x480 pixels.

For specific information, YouTube says all the same things we would.  Check out their Video Encoding page for details.  If it's okay for YouTube, it's okay for us!

Please only send the necessary video section.  YouTube also has some great tutorials on how to edit your video.  If you don't have the tools to edit/trim your video, please give us a Timecode reference to the segment you want us to view, such as "Start at 1min 25 secs, end at 2 mins 15 secs".

Some video files will be quite large - too large for email - but you can use an online file sharing site to upload your large files.  Here's a few that are reliable and free:


** (Please also read the Terms & Conditions below and know that by submitting content you agree to these terms & conditions)
Terms & Conditions:
The following terms apply to any content you send us for use in the video clip. "Us" means Powdered Sugar Productions Limited.

If you send content (eg photos, video files, film footage) to us for use in the video clip, you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, transferable and royalty free licence to use, modify, adapt, broadcast, communicate, and reproduce that content, as part of the video clip, in any format and in any manner in all media throughout the world in perpetuity. By you sending the content to us, this will be deemed as valid and binding consent by you to grant us this licence. Of course, you retain the copyright in anything you own that you send to us. You warrant that you have the right to grant us the abovementioned licence and that our use of the content you supply will not infringe the rights of any third party, or any law. You indemnify us against any actions, suits, claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses we may suffer or incur as a result of any breach by you of this warranty. When you submit anything to us for use in the video clip, you agree that the content you send to us will not:

(a) be infringing, defamatory, obscene, violent or illegal;

(b) contain viruses or other harmful items, or

(c) contain commercial material (e.g advertising of products or services).



Creatrix Tiara on December 13 2011 said

!!! :D :D :D
Question: is artistic nudity OK?

marta gutierrez-manchon muñoz on December 13 2011 said

i think is funny and amazing proposal.I like it.

Guido Diaz on December 13 2011 said

This is really cool! : ) Once again you’ll blow us away! : ) Thx u Darren for this!

Anais on December 13 2011 said

This is awesome!!! I love that you let us be part of this amazng proyect, thankyou!!!

Heber on December 13 2011 said

Sounds absolutely amazing! January 8th seems way to far :(

Andreas Patricio on December 13 2011 said

That’s a great idea!!

jorge Murrieta on December 13 2011 said

Genial! enviare mi video y foto con mi Diseño! del tema! :D saludos desde Lima Perú!!!

Kira68 on December 13 2011 said

Thanks Darren I have a few photo’s that might be ok that I have taken myself while visiting my 91 year old Grandma and the beach close to her. You are so beautiful including your fans in your project

cassandra on December 15 2011 said

firtsly thanks darren for including your fans. i have lost my aunt to breast cancer in july this year and my mum only has a few months left with the same cancer so maybe you could put the pink ribbon symbol inthere somewhere.

Jessica on December 15 2011 said

This is so exciting! I will absolutely be sending in heaps of stuff for this! Though I’m only just reading this news, I already have ideas of stormy oceans, dark feathers and you smile I certainty hope there’s no upload limit I may surpass…

Liliana Ferreira on December 20 2011 said

Dear Darren:
I love your song!! Amazing like your project!!:) Thankyou Darren youre is beautiful!!<3

Linda Grimm on December 21 2011 said

This is so much fun, I´ll send a few photos, altough it would be easier if I actually heard the song! In October I ordered the album from and they have failed to deliver, they say that it has been delayed from the manufacturer….

Cass Bridge on December 21 2011 said

This is so exciting smile I love the idea and can’t wait to send through some photos smile Thank you Darren for giving your fans this opportunity. It is a great way to get everyone involved and spread the word smile ‘The Sirens Call’ is my absolute favorite on the album i can’t even begin to describe just how much i LOVE IT. THANK YOU xxxxx

michellelee on December 22 2011 said

That sounds great but I just dont know how to express my feelings:(

StacyS on December 25 2011 said

It`s great! I`ll try to think out something incredible!)

AnaEma on January 2 2012 said

Umm, I’m kinda having problems with this page… so if anyone sent their content, did you send it from your mail or ?

madeleine on January 4 2012 said

I am having trouble sending you my pictures..I’m not sure how else to send them to you if not post them up on your page which I did not think was a very good idea..I had a message all typed and pictures with the stories behind them but when i hit send it came back as an error please help :(

Luis F Vazquez on January 4 2012 said

Beijing 2009 - The Summer Palace. One of my favorite spots in the world… So immense, calm and beautiful. Heaven.

AnaEma on January 4 2012 said

It worked out just fine for me sending over my e-mail… maybe you should try with another e-mail? I sent mine over yahoo. Or maybe size of your photos were too big?

Caroline on January 5 2012 said

Running short of time and I so want to be involved in this…..........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delmer on January 14 2012 said

any chance preforming at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2012?

connie on January 16 2012 said

Is there even a chance you preforming at Berlin, Germany 2012??
Why must I wait so long?

Thank U so much .... for this secret codes .... picted from the fingertips of god
It would not surprise me when he’s sitting on a cloud with michael
love your amazing songs <3

Fatimagodinho on January 18 2012 said

I love so much you darling Darren, that with words i can,t to express, is a so strong feeling!          I know is a love truly and Divine.        Good night, God protection you and your family.

usenueMax on June 19 2013 said

Steven Adler

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