Billboard Magazine in the US has named 'Truly Madly Deeply' no 6 in their top 100 pop songs from 1992-2012! As you might know, the magazine also recently named it the No 1 AC song since the chart began! Not bad for a couple of boys from Brisbane Australia.


We are pleased to announce that Darren's most recent album "Secret Codes And Battleships" has been nominated under the category of Best Adult Contemporary Album for the Australian Record Industry Association (Aria) Awards due to take place in Sydney on 29 November.

You can read more about this year's Aria Awards HERE

This time from Glasgow last night. Londoners get to see the show tomorrow!




The 'Secret's Out Tour' debuted last night in Newscastle/Gateshead at 'The Sage' and continues tonight in Glasgow.

Here is Darren onstage during last nights breath taking performance.



Congratulations to the following VIP guests who have won a Meet and Greet with Darren.

Duane Mayhew
Phil Graham
Stefano Fiocca
Alison Ratcliffe

Anne-Alexia Louarn
Eileen Blair
Radostina Manolova
Will Little

James Barnard
Linda Mendez
Ines Bridges
Birgit Mertes

Lynne Audsley
Michaela Cozens
Julie Bowden
James Back

Hmamouch Soumia
David O'Doherty
Luigi Pedone
Selena Alan

Rajesh Joshi
Gitta Muella
Clare Withey
Malcolm Pincock

Lorna Platt
Barry Aldridge
Laura Katona
Darcy McCoy

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Darren would like to ask: What is the one thing you don’t want any of your friends to know about you?

When Darren asked "Say something beautiful.",