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Friday June 27 2pm USA Pacific I'm pre-recording a podcast and I want YOU to be a part it!
Phone in to join me in a discussion about the pro's and cons of living our lives 24/7 online.

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Dial in number is (USA) 626 213 5617
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LOS ANGELES   2PM   Fri June 27
NEW YORK    5PM   Fri June 27
LONDON   10PM  Fri June 27
SYDNEY     7AM  Sat June 28

Phone (USA) 626 213 5617 at the corresponding time for your time zone and join the discussion live on the air with me.
I want to know about your experiences and opinions on this topic!

Like over 42 million people, I was moved by British film maker Gary Turk's thought provoking short film about the negative (and positive) aspects of being 'online 24/7' as part of the 'smartphone generation'.  I want to discuss the impact this has had on human relationships and our self worth. It's true we are more connected than ever and yet the irony is some of us feel more isolated than ever before.

It's a fascinating conundrum because for every possible negative you can say about being glued to your smart phone, the endless opportunities to affect change, to fall in love, find friends or simply join in - are boundless.

My own experience is that I often find myself dreaming of a more simple time - when a conversation could be had over the dinner table or you could go to a movie without the interruption of a text message or a status update.  Beyond that, there is the increased pressure to create a veresion of ourselves for the world that is perfect, happy, smart or engaging and often this has little to do with who and how we really are.  The brilliant Paton Oswald wrote a brilliant piece about why he decided to take the summer off social media.  You can read it HERE

Or check out THIS article.

If you want to be involved please watch the links and have a think about what you can contribute and let's talk talk talk!


A brand spankin' new podcast is up! In this episode I took calls from live callers who grilled me on literally anything they wanted to know.  From what is in my bathroom cabinet to what the hell a 'chic a cherry cola' is.  I blab about the meaning behind my song 'Black Out The Sun', how I avoid crying on stage during sad songs and the genuine belief that we're all magical. It was a great chat.  Listen or subscribe here:





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Here's another opportunity to speak to me LIVE on my next podcast recording and ask me, literally anything.

THIS FRIDAY May 2nd 3pm Pacific USA call 626 213 5617 to be part of another 'Ask Me Anything' show.
Instructions are simple - call the number anywhere from 5 minutes before the scheduled time and be sure to press
'1' to 'put your hand up' and my producer Stephen will know you wish to speak to me, live!

We'll be recording the show for future releases on my podcast. For those outside of the USA - Skype is a very inexpensive way to call in to the show, or an app called VIBER.

Here are the times and dates in some other parts of the world.


For all other times - use

THE USA NUMBER IS 626 213 5617
If you can't be a part of the live call but wish to submit a question - tweet me at @askdarrenhayes



My interview with Hollywood legend, author and healer Dee Wallace, of E.T fame, is now available to listen online or download.

She's not only one of my favourite actors from one of my favourite movies of all time, but she's also a mentor to me.  Listen to Dee
and I talk about how you can turn your life around no matter how far you feel you might have fallen down.  She's such an inspiration
to me and I hope you will find her words uplifting too.






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